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Posted by Jill Homiak, editor | Jul 10, 2019 | 39 Once I found out about the Think Dirty app , I scanned all my beauty and personal care products to see how dirty or clean they were Any guesses on the results? You can use the app to look up what chemicals are in your products, and the side effects that they cause I ended up throwing away over 90 percent of my products, and I had to replace them with clean alternatives Finding Clean, Natural Beauty Products I was more interested in finding products with clean ingredients than basing my decisions on the number rating from the app Some products could have a low (good) rating but still have hidden dirty ingredients The app isn't perfect, but it's a great place to start if you're looking to use non-toxic products You can also check the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to see how products rank Don't miss our lists for American Made Vegan Beauty Products and Cruelty Free Makeup Brands and Non Toxic Beauty Brands We Love Why you need natural beauty products you can trust Our skin is our body's largest organ, and whatever we put on our skin is entering our bloodstream It's pretty scary to think I've been regularly using some very toxic products While ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power I realize replacing all your beauty items with clean beauty brands can be a daunting task, but consider replacing each one as you run out of what you're currently using

Of course, you'll want to choose brands made in the USA because it's important to support American businesses, but also because you want to have the highest degree of trust.

If you're like me, you use a lot of different beauty and personal care products, depending on the time of year, or just your mood.

I tried to offer an extensive list of non-toxic clean beauty brands and personal care options for every category I encourage you to click through to learn more about these brands and their product offerings You'll be delighted, and your senses will be tantalized at all the amazing options! Each of these brands is doing really great things and offering amazing non-toxic beauty offerings Natural Beauty Products: Made in USA Source List Baby Products Don't miss our list of American made non-toxic, petroleum-free baby product options , and our list of made in the USA talc free powder options Baby Bath Products: Nature’s Baby Organics carries a line of NSF Certified Organic labeled hair and body products NSF certification is an organic certification process developed specifically for the cosmetic products industry With great scents like Coconut & Pineapple, you'll want these for yourself too! Body Balm: If you're looking for an all-around body balm that's great for babies and adults alike, we love suki ultra protect body balm Cocoa seed butter, organic sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, organic apricot kernel oil, non-GMO vitamin E and shea fruit butter hydrate skin while beeswax locks in skins natural moisture to repair skin ailments Perfect for mom’s belly’s and baby’s bottoms Talc-Free Baby Powder: If you use baby powder to stay dry, I'm a fan of BodyBeeWell's Vegan Baby Powder It's talc and fragrance-free, not to mention made in the USA Don't miss our list of American made talc-free powder products Your Go-To Baby Shampoo: Ditch that dyed yellow baby shampoo and opt for a clean, non-toxic alternative Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is a clinical-grade blend of luxurious cleansers, humectants, and essential oils It offers lots of foam and a soft citrus scent that's perfect for everyday bathing It's an all natural, non-toxic, vegan, and biodegradable formula with no sulfates, triclosan, formaldehyde, parabens, phosphates, SLS, SLES, MEA, DEA, TEA, petroleum-based ingredients, animal by-products, chlorine, or dyes Baby Sunscreen: California Baby Natural & Organic SPF 30 sunblock stick is ideal for little ones It is in the easily totable stick form, clear, fragrance-free and non-chemical sunblock Their stick is great protection for cheeks, noses, and shoulders Everything Pre- and Post-Partum for Baby and Mother: Earth Mama Angel Baby makes all things you'll need for a healthy pregnancy like Organic Heartburn Tea and Natural Stretch Oil to products for postpartum and breastfeeding needs like Postpartum Bath Herbs and Natural Nipple Butter Body and Personal Care Products Body Balm: I use Suki Ultra-Protect Body Balm as a cuticle and heel cream, but you can also use it anywhere your skin needs hydration The base of the balm is made from beeswax and cocoa seed butter Bath Bombs: Relax and unwind with Cuddly Brand Natural Bath Bombs I particularly look forward to relaxing with these bath bombs because coconut and sweet almond oil are the first two ingredients in the bombs, so they are formulated to hydrate the skin while you bathe Bath Salts: Thesis Lavender Bath Salts were my inspiration for treating myself to luxurious baths after 15 years of never taking one These salts are divine

Unlike chemically treated salts, Thesis makes its bath salts with certified organic botanicals and natural Dead Sea salts.

I know you'll love it too! Thesis products are vegan, organic, and eco-friendly 15% off Thesis with discount code USALOVE Body Scrub Butter: Ditch the shopping mall body butter and body scrub for Organic Essence Scrub Butter in Citrus Splash It's an incredible product that is luxurious, effective, and hydrating You'll feel like you're giving yourself a treat with every application Made from all organic ingredients including mango butter, shea butter, camellia seed oil, babassu oil, jojoba oil, orange peel oil, lavender oil, and rosemary leaf extract Not only is this product non-toxic, but it also comes in non-toxic plastic-free packaging It offers the only product I've ever seen on the market that comes in a plastic-free container Body Lotion: I never thought I'd like a lotion more than the one I was using, and Nourish Organic Almond Vanilla Body Lotion proved me wrong I love that all the ingredients are organic I used the Almond Vanilla scent The scent is really delicate and faint, which I appreciate It also absorbs more quickly than any other lotion I've used Body Power: Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company Organic Body Powder is perfect for using any place on the body that you want to keep dry It's talc, cornstarch, gluten, and synthetic free The lavender and rosemary essential oils offer skin soothing, antibacterial and deodorizing properties, while organic arrowroot powder; organic tapioca flour and kaolin clay keep you dry Body Oil: Made with five simple ingredients, jojoba oil, apricot oil, and essential oils of patchouli, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang, Indie Lee Patchouli Sandalwood Moisturizing Oil is like no other It smells amazing and it's great to use for massages or just to hydrate your skin after a hot, steamy shower Body Wash: The Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanse nourishes your skin on a cellular level, infusing it with moisture, sloughing off dead skin cells, balancing the pH level and allowing your skin to breathe We love Aleavia for its luxurious, prebiotic plant-based skincare, made in the USA This body wash gently removes dirt, toxins, and excess oil on your skin’s surface while feeding your skin’s good bacteria and preserving its natural protectants All of the brand's products use a special combination of prebiotic nutrients including nutritious Acadian sea kelp, ultra-hydrating organic extra-virgin coconut oil, and pure aloe vera in order to balance the skin's pH level Aleavia offers 100% natural and organic, non-toxic, chemical-, GMO-, and paraben-free skincare products Hand Sanitizer : All Good by Elemental Herbs makes a great 100% organic spray hand sanitizer The light peppermint scent can also be used as a breath fresher I tried it too; it works! Consider making your own, and ditching the petrochemicals in common hand sanitizers Here's a quick how-to video make your own using Aura Cacia essential oils Heel Balm: I love Savannah Bee Company Beeswax Heel Balm for its naturally hydrating and humectant ingredients including, organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, tangerine oil, organic spearmint oil, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, lavandin, soy lecithin, vitamin E, propolis extract, and honey

This emollient formula penetrates the roughest skin offer softening relief instantly.

You also love the natural tangerine-spearmint scent Menstrual Cup: For those of you who do not know what a menstrual cup is, it is used in place of pads or tampons I've been using one for over a decade now and I would never switch to using anything else These cups are non-toxic and made of silicone, and reduce the chance of getting toxic shock syndrome because they collect rather than sit and absorb, like tampons The Moon Cup (non-latex cup) has been made in the USA since 2006 and its parent company, The Keeper, has been making its original cup since 1987 Not only is this option non-toxic, but it's also economical since you only have to buy the cup once I won't lie that using it for the first few times presents its own set of challenges in terms of inserting it properly , but once you start using it, it will become second nature $15 off The Moon Cup with discount code USALOVE No expiration date Non-Toxic, Ayurvedic Muscle Rub: It's not a surprise that Shankara Muscle Release Oil has only five-star reviews Formulated with powerful ingredients designed to help soothe inflamed muscles and joints The oil positively supports the natural healing properties of the body Non-Toxic Personal Lubricant: Uberlube Premium Lubricant is made from silicone and vitamin E, and not petrochemical by-products It's made in the USA, vegan, and gluten-free Pro-tip, you can use it as hair gel and for chafing too Petroleum Jelly Alternative: Try Waxelene as a petroleum alternative Petroleum, and its by-products, like mineral oil, actually strip your skin of its moisture, not to mention that your body is absorbing these cheap toxic chemicals Waxelene is made from non-GMO organic soybean oil, beeswax, organic rosemary oil, and vitamin E oil It's cruelty-free too I suggest using it as a lip balm, or even an eye makeup remover Bar Soap: Plantlife makes lots of scented soaps They are made with a base of olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and soybean oil with various essential oils added for scent My favorite ones are the Coconut Lime and Lavender They're sure to be a relaxing addition to your bathing routine Exfoliating Soap: Bye, bye dry skin Hello soft, exfoliated skin The Seaweed Bath Co's Seaweed Detox Cellulite Bar Soap features bladderwrack seaweed extract, hand-harvested from cold, mineral-rich waters off the coast of Maine, alongside organic Arabica coffee, and cinnamon to gently cleanse, nourish, detoxify skin, and minimize the appearance of cellulite All products from The Seaweed Bath Co include seaweed pulled from the ocean’s nutrient-rich waters, and act as a natural inflammation fighter Non-Toxic Hand Soap: Since honey is a natural humectant, it locks moisture into your skin, making Savannah Bee Company Honey Hand Soap the perfect hand soap to keep your hands hydrated The soap's ingredients are derived from coconut and sugar beets, contain no petroleum or parabens, and are never tested on animals I love all of Savannah Bee Company's luxurious honey-infused products

Non-Toxic Liquid Soap : It doesn't get purer than Dr.

Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap It's made of water, organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, organic palm kernel oil, organic olive oil, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, citric acid, tocopherol I personally love the peppermint scent because it's awakening and rejuvenating Non-Toxic Shave Gel : Unlike mainstream shaving gel that is made with chemicals and petroleum-based oils, Dr Bronner's Organic Shaving Soap with organic Sucrose*, organic white grape juice, organic coconut oil*, organic palm kernel oil*, potassium hydroxide**, organic olive oil*, organic shikakai powder, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, organic lavender oil, xanthan gum, citric acid, and tocopherol (vitamin E)

The * denotes fair trade ingredients.

It hydrates skin while allowing for a close shave Toothpaste: For a great non-toxic toothpaste that works well, my absolute favorite toothpaste is Desert Essence Tea Tree & Neem in Wintergreen Natural extracts, essential oils, and minerals keep your mouth healthy Formulated with baking soda, Eco-Harvest® Tea Tree Oil, and pure essential oil of Wintergreen, this paste leaves your mouth feeling squeaky clean This toothpaste is both fluoride and gluten-free Don't miss our list of made in the USA natural toothpaste brands Facial Care Products Depending on what type of cleanser(s) you're used to using, there are options for every skin type Facekins ™ washable and reusable fabric facial pads are beauty essential! These facial pads are a must-have for the environmentally conscious beauty lover Facekins handmade facial rounds/squares are soft and lint-free making them perfect for removing makeup, especially around the eyes Save water and money by investing in reusable facial pads 10% off Facekins reusable facial pads and free shipping with discount code USALOVE on your first box of seven pads Facial Grains: Have you ever heard of these? I hadn't until I sound safe, non-toxic brands that were making them I'm a huge, huge fan of Cocokind Organic Sea Moss Exfoliator for a few reasons The cleanser exfoliates and cleanses at the same time, without drying your skin, so your face will feel polished every time you use it Organic Irish Sea Moss feeds your skin and gives it a natural glow after only a few uses! You don't need to use much, so it's long lasting and a good bang for your buck It is great to bring when you're traveling because its a non-liquid cleanser Thesis products are vegan, organic, and eco-friendly Anti-Aging Skincare: When it comes to non-toxic beauty brands, their ingredients are tailored to your skin's needs That statement couldn't be more true when it comes to Ama SeaBeauty I cannot tell you how much I love their entire skincare collection Not only are the ingredients in the products clean, but they are hand harvested, cleaned in the ocean, and dried in the sun Potent marine actives, including red and brown algae, in Ama's skincare collection effectively preserve skin's youthfulness and vitality in a sustainable and attainable way The skincare collection is simple, yet effective in balancing skin tone and brightening its complexion Blemish Balm: For red spots or inflamed skin, I love Good4You Blemish Balm because it uses organic turmeric root, fresh from Hawaii Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties The balm is vegan, cruelty-free, and GMO-free Cream Cleanser/Face Makeup Remover: OMG , Khaki’s Bomb Balm Blueberry Green Tea Cleansing Cream is really divine It's a wonderful way to remove makeup with non-toxic, and healthy ingredients Khaki is an esthetician and all of her products are vegan and made in the USA The cleansing cream is made from organic oils, including coconut oil, which is infused with organic green tea and organic blueberries, rosehip, grapeseed, olive, and non-GMO Vitamin E; distilled water, and candelilla wax You can actually smell the blueberries! Cleanser: I cannot tell you how much I enjoy Queen Bee Honey Cleanser Raw Maui honey and organic aloe vera gel hydrate the skin, while essential oils of lavender offer antibacterial properties Cleansing Gel: I use Naturallogic Radiance Cleansing Gel as a night time cleanser The product's botanical extracts, fruit enzymes, oils & flower essences nourish your skin while you cleanse, making it an ideal cleanser for any skin type I suggest using it at night so your skin has time to absorb the product's nutrients Cleansing Oil: You probably haven't considered washing your face with oil Neither had I until I tried Luxe de Mer Deep Cleansing Facial Oil I was a little scared at first, but after using it, I really fell in love The idea is that the oil attracts oil, and the product is actually drawing out toxins and oil from your pores If you have oily/combination skin, as I do, using oil doesn't strip your skin sending oil production into overdrive Creme Cleanser: A little goes a long way with Benedetta Creme Cleanser, Rosemary & Geranium, making it my go-to cleanser when my skin is in need of a detox routine It's gentle enough to use every day unlike many treatment products The therapeutic oils promote the skin's healing without stripping you of your acid mantle I can count on this to soothe my skin in periods when I am break-out-prone or to calm any irritation I also love that it is a one-step cleanser and toning -no additional exfoliation is needed Benedetta is based in California and has been making organic, farm-sourced small batch skincare products since 1996 The Benedetta Creme Cleanser is made of 82% locally harvested ingredients too! Eye Balm (Night): If you're looking for hydration just for your eyes, I suggest Laurel Skin Eye Balm This balm is also effective in removing fine lines

It's made from 100% whole plant organic ingredients too.

Eye Cream (Day): Mad Hippie Eye Cream is perfect for everyday use, and under makeup It's made of non-toxic ingredients including Matrixyl 3000 which stimulates the body’s production of collagen & elastin, reducing wrinkles and giving skin around the eyes a lifting effect Eye Makeup Remover: Lauren Brooke Eye Makeup Remover is perfect in removing makeup because it's oil based It's made from 100% organic oils that are nourishing to the delicate skin around your eyes I love that it's a semi-solid formula too, making it easy to transport during travel Reusable Makeup Pads: Organic, washable and reusable facial rounds are a non-toxic beauty must have Curly Monkey's Reusable Organic Facial Pads are incredible and I'm so glad I made the switch! They are soft, lint-free, and made from organic hemp and cotton fleece, making them perfect for removing makeup, especially around the eyes The 12 pack is the perfect amount of pads so you don't run out in between washing them in the laundry Face Exfoliator: I use Annmarie Gianni Skincare Dead Sea Facial Scrub once a week It really is like microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells It's made of five simple ingredients including, Dead Sea mud, organic vegetable glycerin, siliceous earth, organic lavender oil, and organic rosemary extract The lavender oil offers a relaxing quality too Facial Hydration: One Love Organics vitamin d moisture mist is perfect to use after restoring your skin's ph balance with facial toner Its time-released formula is perfect to use under your moisturizer as a “primer” Facial Peel: I couldn't have put it better myself… Tammy Fender Epi-Peel , is a facial in a jar Your skin is left feeling soft and smooth I like using this product once a week before my nighttime beauty routine Face Soap: I love using a facial bar for traveling because you don't have to worry about liquid spilling, or that it's sized to TSA standards Apple Valley Naturals Charcoal Detox Face Soap is great for normal and combination skin Priced at $7, this makes for an affordable American made, non-toxic, vegan beauty option This soap is hydrating and detoxifying at the same time

Activated charcoal pulls impurities from the skin without drying it.

Organic coconut, grapeseed, palm, and olive oils condition the skin, while activated charcoal and essential oils of rosewood, lavender, lemon, anise, peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus detoxify, balance and tone skin 15% off Apple Valley Naturals with discount code USALOVE through October 31, 2019 Face Serum: Thesis Face Serum is the perfect every day, well priced, American made facial oil that includes a multitude of key oils to support your skin’s health It’s made with all organic oils, including grapeseed, jojoba, walnut, apricot, and sunflower, and essential oils including, lavender, tea tree, geranium, petitgrain, eucalyptus, and blue chamomile The grapeseed oil brightens skin overnight, while apricot oil protects your skin from free radicals that cause wrinkles and fine lines I love that this serum has tea tree oil in it because the oil has antibacterial properties which are great for preventing and healing acne The oil is on the thicker side, so I’d suggest using it at nighttime You’ll notice your skin glows in the morning The serum has an earthy scent which I absolutely love too Thesis products are vegan, organic, and eco-friendly 15% off Thesis with discount code USALOVE Facial Moisturizer with Zinc Oxide: I love using Botanic Organic Raspberry & Green Tea Daily Defense Moisturizer on a daily basis to defend and protect my skin from premature wrinkles Not only my favorite facial moisturizer, it's also a great natural, non-toxic facial SPF It's lightweight, blends well and serves as a great primer for under makeup or to use alone to protect skin every day It contains 11% non-nano particle zinc oxide acts as a physical barrier to reflect UVA/UVB rays This moisturizer is an antioxidant rich with green tea extract The sea buckthorn oil soothes redness and promotes skin cell regeneration to aid in repairing UV damage It's organic, plant-based, cruelty-free, and soy-free 15% off Botanic Organic with discount code USALOVE No expiration Facial Oil: Botanic Organic Pomegranate & Argan Oil Serum is one of the best facial oils I've ever experienced It's so thick and it smells amazing Pomegranate , argan and pumpkin oils protect against wrinkles caused by oxidation, while oils of sea buckthorn and tamanu help to restore skin damaged by age, exposure and trauma Calendula herbal oil soothes and helps to regenerate new skin cells and the a rgan oil contains sterolins which improve skin's metabolism, reduces inflammation and promotes excellent moisture retention

My skin was noticeably brighter within a few days of using it.

I highly, highly recommend all Botanic Organic products One is better than the next! 15% off Botanic Organic plant-based, organic skincare with discount code USALOVE No expiration Toner: Qet Botanicals Balancing Toning Water I love this American made toner It's organic and vegan The fruit distillate of mint, cucumber and rose leaves skin calm, hydrated, and fresh Qet Botanicals is a special skin care line, hand-crafted from start to finish, without a single drop of synthetic chemicals The line was founded by one woman, Lisa Brill She and her team develop, manufacture, test, fulfill, package, and ship + share all of its handmade, plant-based treatment products from its private facility in Wisconsin Moisturizer: For use under my makeup, I like Gabriel Organics Seaweed Cellular Moisturizer because it's weightless and non-oily, so it won't interfere with my makeup Moisturizer (if I'm not wearing makeup): I love Juice Beauty Antioxidant Moisturizer It's hydrating and made from all organic ingredients I also like to put this moisturizer on under my facial oil before bedtime Moisturizer with Sunscreen: Most beauty products you find in the grocery or department stores are 2 in 1 or 3 in 1, at the most Suntegrity's “5 In 1” Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen – Tinted, Broad Spectrum Spf 30 is an all in one, tinted mineral sunscreen, Beauty Benefit (BB) cream that treats, hydrates, protects, primes and covers the skin It goes on smooth and offers lasting and natural coverage Non-nano sized zinc-oxide not only protects the skin from the damaging UV rays, but it also soothes and calms the skin Zinc-oxide is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that often help skin conditions like rosacea, acne, and melasma Night “Cream”: I'm convinced that Skin Owl's Beauty Drops PM Mangosteen eliminated the fine lines around my eyes I don't ever worry about wrinkles, but I do worry about fine lines After using this product for a few days I noticed the fine lines under my eyes were also gone I cannot tell you how amazed I am by how soft my face is too A little goes a long way These drops are made from raw, organic, cold-pressed African Baobab oil, and pure Mangosteen oil Pimple Stick: If you're using a pimple cream that has camphor in it, you might want to think twice since camphor is linked to possible organ toxicity Try Zum Lab Pimple Stick, made from witch hazel, which is drying, and certified organic extracts of calendula, asparagus, Gotu kola, and passion fruit, and pure essential oils Serum: I absolutely love OSEA Vitamin Sea Serum It's quickly absorbed into the skin and great to wear under your everyday moisturizer This serum uses seven organic seaweed extracts in a hydrating Hyaluronic Acid base Hyaluronic acid is known for retaining your skin's moisture Ferulic Acid, Turmeric, Walnut Seed, and Green Tea extracts offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power Night Serum: Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Serum is to be used at night {because it contains retinol} under your facial oil The vitamin A derivatives, including the retinol and retinoic acid, have been proven to boost collagen production, speed cell turnover and unclog pores, to make them look smaller and reduce acne This is another superior facial product because I know it's working to restore and revive my skin while I'm sleeping Detoxifying Face Mask: American made from Australian black clay, sea buckthorn fruit powder, organic activated charcoal and rosemary essential oil, BEING Lava Terra Complexion Clay , is perfect for drawing out toxins from your pores I like to use this on a weekly basis to keep my face feeling smooth Deodorant ZAK Body Deodorant is natural deodorant that actually works, and that is made of 100% natural and healthy ingredients That means absolutely no harmful chemicals All the brand's deodorants are made with 100% plant and earth sourced formula, are cruelty-free, and professionally handmade in small batches in the company's Denver, Colorado facility If you have sensitive skin, ZAK Body has two options that are baking soda free 20% off ZAK Body Deodorant with discount code USALOVE,

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